TNtech, Ltd. was founded in 2012 to commercialize research and development activities of co-working developers.

The company is engaged in the research and development in the area of technology and science, particularly in the field of applied informatics, sensors, electronics, automation and mechanical engineering. In recent years were established several business contacts and cooperations with  partner companies to secure capacity for the production of prototypes, test series through to final series of products.

In the area of sensors, the company focuses on the integration of partial solutions of other manufacturers into functional units, as well as the development of custom solutions according to customer. These products are manufactured from one piece according to the requirements for materials, coverage, accuracy and reproducibility, and the like.

Electronic devices for collecting and (partialy) processing measured data are developed for connecting our solutions in the field of sensors to the measuring equipment. Devices satisfy the ROHS requirements. They are built in a robust cabinets made of metal alloy with surface finish to withstand daily use in harsh industrial environment.

In the field of automation are generally solved tasks of process control. We also provide connecting non-standard equipment into SCADA/HMI systems.

Applied informatics integrates the above into a compact unit; from the firmware contained in the intelligent sensors, through the firmware in electronic boards, to the software in the field of automation and software presentation layer.

Mechanical engineering design and production cover the requirements for mechanical parts of systems. These are designed and visualized with the possibility of process simulations.

An example of such a complex system using all the research and development areas of our company is a solar system for domestic hot water. System optimizations and modifications with respect to the efficiency of heating were done using multiple sensors of environmental variables, newly developed electronic boards for measuring and pre-processing and embedded control model on singlechip computer. The mechanical components of the system were modeled and the processes were simulated before the final production.